Lynda Mc Givney-Nolan Discusses Outpatient Eye-Care Waiting Lists

On this edition of Lifeline Michael Hennessy discusses with Lynda Mc Givney-Nolan, Optometric Advisor to the Association of Optometrists in Ireland, AOI, why the ‘Outpatient Eye-Care Waiting List’ continues to increase, and which currently stands at around 41,600 patients. Lynda also discusses the urgent need for better organisation of cataract surgery which accounts for a significant portion of the Waiting List backlog, and calls for urgent funding for a National Children’s Eye Care Programme.

The AOI’s 2019 pre-budget budget submission can be viewed in full at:

Presenter: Michael Hennessy

Interviewee: Lynda Mc Givney -Nolan

Broadcast: September 26th 2018