Lovers of Life – Part 1

Lovers of Life is a 4 part documentary series produced by Alan Weldon for Near FM, which captures a snapshot of the Dublin Independent Music scene in 2013. At a time when the music industry worldwide is having to continuously change and evolve to keep pace with new technologies and online distribution facilities this series examines how young independent Dublin musicians are embracing this new musical landscape. This series meets the musicians, the bloggers & journalists, the gig promoters & micro-festival organisers and other people active in the industry. We also examine the support structure which is in place for independent musicians. In essence this series explores how a band, in 2013, can go from garage noise merchants to playing regular Dublin gigs and releasing their own music online to a potential global audience.


Jim Carroll, Nialler9, Keiron Black, King Kong Club, Primal Jelly Social Club Gig Night, Aidan Foley, Masterlabs, Exchange Temple Bar

Paul Kavanagh, Chew your own fat Records, Bettine O’Rourke, Knockanstockan, John James, Music Minds, Gib Cassidy, Elastic Witch Records, Hazel Lake, Noisy Plug Sessions

Lisa McLaughlin, Joey Lynch, Saucy Sundays, Rachael McCormack


The Hot Sprockets, The Amazing Few, The Minutes, Von Shakes, Johnny and The Beep Beeps, The Static’s, Band66, The Laughters, Nokotomi, Sugar Cane Flame, Hula Hope, Fallings, Autonomous, I, C-Fit, Punchface Champions, Steven McCann of The Yips, Color Sound, Ryan O’Shaughnessy, PolyphonicX, Eazy Tyger, Almost Ghosts