Lifeline: Interview with Conor Culkin, Epilepsy Ireland Communications Officer

Micheal Sullivan Interviews Conor Culkin, Epilepsy
Ireland Communications Officer, about
Epilepsy, what to do if a seizure occurs and
some of the myths about Epilepsy.

Epilepsy is the tendency to have recurring seizures. It can affect people of all ages, but is
more prevalent in children, adolescents and the elderly. It is also more common in people
with an intellectual disability. It is a treatable condition and the majority of people can
become seizure-free thanks to medications or in some cases through surgical intervention.
However, for about one in three people, existing treatments do not control the seizures and
for this group in particular, epilepsy can be particularly debilitating, affecting the person’s
education, employment, psychological & social functioning, self-esteem and independent

If a seizure occurs, you should do the following:
 Stay calm and time the seizure
 Protect/cushion the head
 If possible turn the person on their side
 Don’t restrain the person – unless they are in danger.
 Let the seizure run its course
 Do not put anything in the mouth (you can wipe away saliva)