Lifeline: Foreign Holidays For People With Disabilities

Interview between Micheal Sullivan and Lisa Howard, about issues impacting “Foreign Holidays For People With Disabilities.

  • Book your flight
  • Find suitable accommodation, that will cater to the passengers needs,
  • Make sure that before you book your holiday that the accommodation that you wish to stay at is suited to your needs and is within your budget range.
  • Before booking accommodation at the desired destination, make sure that all of the places/sites and activities are suited and catered to your needs,
  • Before booking accommodation at the desired destination, make sure that all of the places/sites and activities are suited and catered to your needs,
  • When on your break/holiday make sure that where you’d like to visit or see is suited to what you want and expect from your visit, or if there are activities that you wish to partake in, while on your break that they are suited for you.
Before booking any flights or accommodation for your next holiday, there are a few things that you need to make sure that are valid,
  • You have an in date passport.
  • Travel and health insurance is taken out, so that should anything happen while on holiday that you are covered, by the insurance company that you have taken out your health insurance policy with.
  • If required, ask the airline at check in on the day of departure that you will need assistance with boarding and getting off the flight.
  • Plan with your hotel or resort that facilities meet/suit your needs and if something isn’t right or needs attention, please contact reception/concierge at the resort that your staying at that something needs to be assisted or paid attention too
  • Work with a travel agent who specializes in working with traveller/passenger with disabilities can arrange everything from booking airline tickets and accommodation, arrange tours and restaurants,
The agent will then check for accessible accommodation and facilities, this will include checking if the accommodation, amenities and all buildings/facilities associated with excursions, that’s booked either through the travel agent, (this will be individual in a holiday package) or separately (booked during while on holiday as an extra)
  • Book the right guides – who can accommodate you in every aspect of your holiday
  • Consider a tour- Tour operators can offer both private and public group trips/tours for people/guests with disabilities, make sure that if there is an itinerary supplied or made available to people with disabilities, taken into consideration exactly what your needs are and facilities are suited to you so that you don’t have to make alternative arrangements and that you don’t have to arrange anything yourself.
Some of the company that will allow you to take out travel and health insurance when getting ready to travel abroad in the coming months are:
  • VHI – vhi have an insurance policy, called multi-trip
  • BUPA
  • Supervalu (not widely opted for)
  • Chill
  • Laya
There are many more companies that allow customers to take out travel insurance for an annual fee, keeping in mind that there are many options to choose from when taking out an insurance policy.
When you have chosen the travel insurance company that you wish to take out an insurance policy with, please get a consultation from the representative that you are speaking to about which is the best policy that will cater to your families needs.
At the airport on the day of departure, when at the check in desk, inform the rep at the desk that you will need assistance with getting on the aeroplane, and getting off the aeroplane at your destination.
The stewardess on board the aircraft, will ask you while on board the flight, shortly before arrival at the airport destination, if or should you need assistance with getting off the aeroplane, and in the event that you do need assistance the flight attendants will inform and the airport aware of this, so that there will be assistance that is required waiting for you upon arrival.