Left of the Dial: The ZIPS

Glasgow’s The Zips (John McNeill/Brian Jackson/Joe Jaconelli/ Phil Mullen) were a 4 piece punk/new wave band, formed by John and Brian from the ashes of pub rock outfit, Road Angel. They released 2 singles, The Zips EP (1979) and Radioactivity (1980), the latter being the first release on their own label, Tenement Toons. before breaking up in 1981,

European bootleg interest in The Zips’ back catalogue, and 2 tracks featured on an album called, Bored Teenagers Vol.2. on Detour Records offshoot, Binliner Records, spurred the band on to reform, in 2001. 2 of the original members, John. and Phil are currently augmented by lead guitarist, Fred -X, and drummer, Jimi Drums, replacing guitarists, Brian Jackson who emigrated to Australia, and then 2 others, post-reformation, John McMahon and Brian Kerr, and drummer, Joe Jaconelli.

Jonzip McNeil of the Zips joined Ray for an interview ahead of their Irish appearance on the 7th of July. They talked about the the history of the band, reforming in 2001, and a whole lot of other things.

The band play in Fibber Magees, Parnell street on the 7th of July, with Setting Off Sirens, the Lee Harveys, Jobseekers and I AM A Carcrash. ADM €8

The Zips

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A few things, John mentions the band he was in with his brothers, and in typical unjournalistic fashion, I didn’t ask the name of the band, it’s Passionate Friends . Also, I realise the band couldn’t possibly have reformed in ’21, as it’s not yet a date, but I do give the correct date a few moments after, it was 2001.

Setting off Sirens

The Lee Harveys Hear the Lee Harveys on Left of the Dial here


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