Left of the Dial: the DUBTONES

the DUBTONES (Whelo, Swampy and Gipo)

Ray meet Swampy and Whelo 2/3 of the DUBTONES in a pub in Kimmage, for a few pints and a chat about all things Dubtones.

The DUBTONES are a three piece band playing high a energy mix of punk ,ska and reggae. An earlier version of the band originally got  together briefly in 1999, and featured Whelo, Gipo, Ongo and Hughie (Gipo and Hugie formerly of Stigmata Martyr). The band split a little over a year later, but recorded the 14 track “Whole New Nation Demos” which was never released. In October 2004 the reformed with Whelo on lead vocals and guitar, Gipo bass and vocals, with Noel on lead guitar, and new sticksman Swampy.  Their first gig was 3 weeks later and, and 2006 saw their first release, the “One For The Road” 6-track mini album. Noel left, and then there were three, and in 2010, the released the excellent 14 track album “End Of Transmission” on their own Lower The Tone label.

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Live Dates:

Friday, 30th of March: The Sweeney Mongrel, Dame Lane, Dubin (w/ The Lee Harvey’s + Blazin’ 38’s) Doors 9pm. FREE

SAturday, 7th of April: Fibber Magees, 80-81 Parnell Street, 1 Dublin, Party Against The Pipe, The Dubtones (w/ Left of the Dial Favourite’s Paranoid Visions/ Excuses /The Lee Harveys / DJ’s etc play the Rossport Solidarity Camp Fundraiser)

Saturday, 21st of April: The Workman’s Club, 10 Wellington Quay, Dublin (supporting Blood Or Whiskey) €12

Friday, 20 July: Fibber Magees, Rebellion Warm Up Gig (w/Paranoid Visions + Choking Susan + The Dubtones + I Am A Car Crash)

2nd -5th August: Rebellion Festival Blackpool, (w/ Public Image Limited, the Only Ones, Rancid, Paranoid Visions, Stiff Little Fingers, etc., an incredible lineup, see here) £115 until April 30th and £130 from 1st May onwards


Left of the Dial: Friday’s 10-11.30pm on Near FM