Ladies Sing the Blues – Part 2 – Honor Heffernan

Ladies Sing the Blues is a series that celebrates Irish female jazz and blues singers. Part musician profile, part live performance, these programmes showcase three amazingly talented singers doing what they do best, sing!

Recorded live in Clontarf Yacht Club venue over three weeks in October 2011.  On the first three Saturdays of October punters were treated to performances by Susan Tomelty, Honor Heffernan and Bree Harris respectively.

Honor on stage in Clontarf Yacht Club

Programme 2 – Honor Heffernan

Honor Heffernan has been performing as both a singer and actress for over 30 years now. She has been both critically and publicly acclaimed as a singer whose versatility and superior vocal ability means she is comfortable singing anything from Jazz and Blues to Rock and Folk. She has earned the reputation as Ireland’s leading Jazz singer. Over the years she has played with Ireland's leading Blues, Jazz and Rock musicians including Jim Doherty and Louis Stewart.

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