Kilbarrack’s ‘Ode to Banksy’

Tiernan Williams, Manager of the Reach Out youth group at Kilbarrack Coast Community Project (KCCP), talks to Noel McGuinness about the project and the video directed by him “Kilbarrack’s Ode to Banksy”. The video is a tribute to the renowned street artist “Banksy” and a request for his help to take down a fence that has isolated the children from using the last safe outdoor space to play in. What was an unused car park at the back of the community centre has now been fenced off to keep the children away. The video was produced to highlight their plight and the underlying question ponders what has gone wrong with our sense of community and our willingness to care for one another in society today. Everyone’s support would be appreciated – not just Banksy’s! You can view the video on