Irish AIDS Day 2021 and UN 2021 meeting on global HIV/AIDS response – Breda Gahan, Concern Worldwide – Global Solidarity, Near FM (June 2021)

On Tuesday the 15th of June Irish AIDS Day 2021 took place, and the previous week there was a high level meeting of the UN on the global response to the HIV/AIDS situation which is still a huge issue in many developing countries. Darren J. Prior from Near FM caught up with Breda Gahan global health advisor with Concern Worldwide to talk about the latest news in the response to HIV and AIDS in Ireland and around the world today and Breda told Darren about the UN meeting and some of her reflections over her last nearly 30 years working on the HIV/AIDS response both in Ireland and now in the countries where she and Concern works. In December 2021 the 40th year anniversary of the first diagnosis of HIV/AIDS in 1981 will be marked.

Global Solidarity, Near FM 17 June 2021.

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