I am Edel


I Am Edel by Susan Connolly and Cormac Plunkett Walsh is a semi-autobiographical account of Susan Connolly’s ten years as a child labourer in Dublin’s notorious Goldenbridge Industrial school over an eleven year period in the 1960s/70’s. .  Told from a child’s viewpoint I Am Edel is a story of ingenuity, courage and compassion.  Although set in a tragic environment it is often comical in telling the ingenuity of a child survivor

About this radio play

I am Edel  was adapted  from a 2 hour 15 minute stage play to a radio drama with 10 scenes. A staged reading of the first three scenes was performed by Doras Bui Drama in November 2019 for UNESCO Voice of the Child. Doras Bui has helped in the development of the Radio play. The all female cast  was made up by members of Rialto Youth Project and Dublin Youth Theatre. All of the performers recorded their parts remotely.

Interview with the authors

Adrianne Murphy chats to authors Susan Connolly and Cormac Plunkett Walsh about Susan’s semi autobiographical story of a child in the notorious Goldenbridge Industrial School, which was adapted for radio entitled ‘I Am Edel’, and will be aired on Near FM on July 6th, 2021.

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