Growing up Between the Dustjackets – episode 5


Want to know more about coming-of-age novels and films and how they continue to inspire and motivate us today? Join Berni Dwan, and her intergenerational guests, on a brand new eight-part series – Growing up Between the Dustjackets – to discover how these universally loved stories are relevant to people of all ages facing their own social challenges today. Learn about young people – in fiction, memoir, and real life – succeeding beyond all expectations despite being challenged by misogyny, racism, indoctrination, fundamentalism, homophobia, prejudice, war and poverty.

Episode 5:

Being Influenced: To Kill a Mockingbirdand The Book Thief – TY students from Marino College – Allana O’Hanlon, Demi Duffy, Meda Kovatchi, Olivia Rodrigues, Aleksandr Klankert, Jose Sanchez, Alan Aboah, Rafael Giurgila.

Series is produced and presented by Berni Dwan. Sound by Ed Grannell. Dramatic readings by Tara Power and Alan O’Brien. Music by Hannah Cogan. Supported by the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland Sound and Vision scheme through the Television Licence Fee