Festivals from the Northside – Five Lamps Festival Part 2

Listen back to Debbie Hutchinson live from Marino college talking to performers involved at the Five Lamps Festival starting this week in Marino.

Guests include:

0.38 – Alison Pilkington & Josie McMorrin, artists
10.37 – Mary Enright, Carnation Theatre
15.26 – director Peter Sheridan talking about his latest play ‘Break a leg’
25.37 – Conor Doyle talking about ‘The Theatre Royal’
33.45 – Aoife Desmond, artist
41.05 – Carol Ann Flanagan, Jazz Singer
48.30 – Susan Boyle performing ‘Wine Goose Chase’
55.38 – Rosin Lonergan, Festival Director

(Broadcast live 9th April 2013)