Festivals from the Northside – Five Lamps Festival Part 1

Listen back to Noel McGuinness live from Marino college talking to performers involved at the Five Lamps Festival starting this week in Marino.

Guests include:

1.50 – Rosin Lonergan, Festival Director
9.56 – Becky Reilly & Deirdre Murphy, Fubellinas
6.15 – Damien Richardson, Dayo & The Swingfolk
26.45 – John McDonald, the year head for the 4th year Interior Architecture course in GCD
38.51 – Julie Maisel, musician
44.31 – Mary O’Driscol from Carnation Theatre
51.55 – Jimmy Carthy and Alan Martin form the Dockers Photographic Exhibition

(Broadcast live 9th April 2013)