Feminist Heart – Programme 2


The second part of Feminist Heart traces the campaign to legalize contraception in Ireland in the 1970’s and we look at the key role the Irish Women’s Liberation Movement played in that campaign.

We remember the famous Contraception Train that left from Connolly to Belfast in May 1971, with women purchasing contraceptives and returning to Dublin to protest and challenge the law banning their importation at the time. Local woman Colette O’Neill, who traveled on the train, recalls the events of that day and her personal story that inspired her to take part.

We also talk to Trade Unionist Anne Speed and look at the development of  a socialist feminist movement in the late 70’s.  We see how their campaign to bring contraception to the working class communities of Dublin met with opposition from the local priests but eventually led to the repeal of the ban in the late 70’s.

Contributors: Mairin De Burca, Colette O’Neill, Anne Speed, Peig Connolly, Angela McLoughlin.

The Feminist Heart documentary series is produced by Debbie Hutchinson and is supported by the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland Sound & Vision fund.

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