Enviro: 4th February 2019

On this edition of Enviro:

Guest Orla Farrell talked about her tree planting programs with schools throughout Ireland and introduced two of the students of St. Lawrence O’Toole School in Baldoyle who talked about the trees they planted in Seagrange Park Baldoyle and in Malahide Fingal Dublin. Two school children and their parents accompanied Orla Farrell leader of the project ‘Easitreesie’. The children are two “Ambassadors for Climate Justice”. They attended the last Academy in 2017 where they planted the first 300 trees in Seagrange Park of that project and they lead the programme in Malahide last week. These students were inspired by a student called Felix who in turn was inspired by the great environmentalist Wangari Matai of Kenya who won the Nobel Peace Prize for her environmental tree planting. .The ‘Easy-Treesy’project will plant millions of trees in Ireland. Reference’Blog http://www.easytreesie.com/

  • Day of Terror draws near for hares- At the 3 Day live coursing “festival” Powerstown Park racecourse, Clonmel, Co. Tipperary, in the Republic of Ireland. Zero Hour is approaching for the hundreds of hares held captive the animals were snatched weeks ago from their natural habitats all over Ireland for use in Ireland’s 3 Day “live hare coursing. This event will be the culmination of the Irish coursing season that commenced in late September 2018
  • We talked about the fact that Green Party Deputy Leader, Catherine Martin TD (Dublin Rathdown) has this week called on the Minister for Agriculture to introduce an “immediate ban on fur farming on animal welfare and ethical grounds”. An estimated 200,000 mink are caged on Ireland’s three remaining fur farms and at around 6 months of age, they are pulled from the cages, thrown into gassing boxes and poisoned with Carbon…
  • Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and where will listeners source their chocolate? We mentioned an online campaign to the effect that Cadbury sources its milk from inhumane farms, uses dirty palm oil, and exploits its workers. The campaign is demanding that The Chocolate Company Clean Up Its Act Now! The campaign maintains that. Cadbury still uses dirty palm oil in its products, despite the availability of ethically-produced palm oil. And that Cadbury and other ethically questionable corporations refuse to make the switch, there is extensive coverage to back up these alleged facts on the internet.

Presenter/Producer John Haughton, Panellist Joe Dunne, Guest Orla Farrell and students of St. Lawrence’s School Baldoyle

Broadcast: 04/02/2019