Enviro – 30th January 2017

In the first half of the program, John O’Rourke talked about new discoveries about trees. John referred to Peter Wohlleben’s book ‘The Hidden Life of Trees’ and explained that Wohlleben, a forester and environmentalist, set out to prove that trees are sentient, communal, care for their young, for their neighbours; remember; can learn; count; in fact they may have emotions and feel pain. This is followed a discussion about trees between John O’Rourke, presenter John, and panellists Joe Dunne and Robert Navan.

Dolores Whelan and Mary Anne Gosling talked about the program of events taking place in the Imbolc/La Fheile Bride. The Brigit of Faughart Festival will take place between January 29th and February 5th. This includes performance by Luka Bloom will known singer/songwriter on Feb 3rd. Brigit is celebrated as pagan goddess and as saint and her legacy and the values she stands for, as environmentalist, healer, poet and spiritual teacher. There will be music, poetry, storytelling and song, with workshops in creative writing, movement, sound healing, healing sessions from different modalities, ‘be the change’ and the circle dance. The sacred sites of Faughart will be explored and there will be a pilgrim from Dundalk to Faughart.




The second half of the program began with poet John O’Rourke reading some of his poetry (www.johnorourke.com). This was followed by Nuala McNulty of Love Leitrim talked about various events activities and festivals of general and specialist interest, which will be taking place in Leitrim during the year including theatre, heritage trails, crafts, art, music, hill walking including the North Leitrim Glens Hill Walking Festival, cycle tours, etc.

Eddie Mitchell explained about the closing date for making submissions with regard to the Fracking Bill, which is February 10th (http://www.foe.ie/takeaction/ban-fracking/). Leitrim have been to the fore in the campaign to have fracking banned. He encouraged listeners to go to that website or the Oireachtas website or the Love Leitrim website to make their opinion knows. Joe and Robert took part in discussions on the different subjects.

In conclusion, John pointed out that Ireland has become the first country in the world to pass a motion backing a ban on investing public money in fossil fuels. This resulted in the passing of Independent TD Thomas Pringle’s initiative. It happened in spite of the fact that the Fine Gael party and the independent TDs who support the government voting against it, resulting in a defeat for the government.

John thanked everyone for taking part.

Presenter: John Haughton

Panellists: Joe Dunne and Robert Navan

Interviewees: Dolores Whelan, Mary Anne Gosling, John O’Rourke, Nuala McNulty and Eddie Mitchell.