Enviro: 2nd March 2020

On this edition of Enviro;

The team talk about the importance of HEMP:

Industrial hemp can be grown and sold as food in Ireland so long as the trace THC content of a
product does not exceed 0.2%. This FSAI advice reflects the view of the World Health Organisation
and the WHO’s recommendation to the UN Committee on Narcotic Drugs (CND) that hemp food
products have no narcotic value and should be removed from the 1961 and 1971 Single Treaty

The team also talked about the upcoming Hemp Federation Ireland Conference 2020 on the 12th March. Tullamore Court Hotel, Co Offaly.

Chris Allen Interim Executive Director of the Hemp Federation Ireland referred to aspects of the FSAI (Food Safety Authority of Ireland) REPORT February 2020 She also gave a rundown on the usefulness of hemp and its potential in creating a sustainable future and protecting forests. It is a very fast growing plant and does not need any herbicides or insecticides. It also helps to purify the soil and remove contaminants from it. The program included a phone interview with Marcus McCabe who has been farming hemp for many years and is involved in the organisational aspects of the industry. He also spoke of his permacultural project in Clones Co. Monaghan and gave details of its composition.

The HFI referred to problems in the industry including:
A) inaccurate labelling: B) inadequate stakeholder consultation C) and the possibility of the withdrawal of the FSAI report of last week. It was agreed that the public need to be educated as to the importance of hemp.

Presented/Produced by John Haugton

Panelists Joe Dunne and Chris Allen 

Broadcast: 02/03/2020