Enviro: 29th July 2019

On this edition of Enviro:

John pointed out that Enviro is an anti war program and we address this issuie regularly in Enviro programs.. the team went on to discuss many issues including, the protest led by animal rights activist John Carmody. The protest took place Saturday 27th July 2019 in Dublin
The protest was organised by the ‘Coalition to End Greyhound Racing in Ireland’ a specially formed Umbrella Group. We mentioned that Green Party Cllr. Joe O’Brien is leading a campaign to stop Fingal Co. Co. from cutting down trees in Skerries and other areas of Fingal

Other topics covered included:

  • Glaciers are melting as much as 100 times faster than originally thought
  • In the news was the fact that the Rose of Tralee festival ended its link to dog racing after RTE expose on cruelty in greyhound training and racing. (Irish Daily Mail report by Ronan Smyth 20 July 2019)
  • According to Dr. Tomas Murray senior ecologist with the National Biodiversity Data Centre bumblebees could be wiped out within 30 years heralding disastrous future for our ecosystem and food production.
  • 5G and Wireless radiation-we discussed the dangers of wireless radiation.
  • Italian students working with Forest Friends described the projects on air, water, soil, energy and video production which they are working on at present.
  • Tory MP Priti Patel was criticised for suggesting that the UK government should use potential food shortages in Ireland as leverage against the backstop.
  • The program finished with the playing of Tracy Chapman’s ‘Talkin’Bout a Revolution’ from the CD’Tracy Chapman Collection’ and it was agreed that a peaceful revolution was now needed to save the environment.


Broadcast: 29/07/2019

Presenter Producer: John Haughton

Panellists: Joe Dunne, Manon and Lea (interns with Forest Friends Ireland)