Enviro 29th February 2016

Enviro presenter John Haughton explained to the listeners that the ‘today’s’ program would be about the background concepts and inspirations on which the Enviro program is based. In the early 1970s Arne Naess a Norwegian set up a movement based on what he called ‘Deep Ecology’ in which he questioned the then attitudes and relationships of mankind with the Earth and his fellow inhabitants, under various headings including environmental, scientific, political, healthcare, economics, spiritual. This led him to a different world view which saw mankind as part of the ‘web of life’ and not outside it. This was similar to what is called the Gaia theory (called after the name of the ancient Greek goddess of the earth) which viewed the earth as a living organism  or earth mother whose equilibrium should be maintained. The program centred also on the songs and philosophy of the singer songwriter John Denver who in the 1970s developed projects based on the concepts which Naess was enunciating at the same time. A century earlier the native north american chief Seattle had described the web of life in a similar fashion saying  ‘man did not weave the web of life but is merely a part of it, and whatever he does to the web he does to himself’ The program also mentioned the present day movement which sees serious damage to the earth as ‘ECOCIDE’ which it is maintained should be punished as a major crime. Panellist Joe Dunne contributed to the discussions which followed.