Enviro – 27th August 2018

On this Edition of Enviro:

The team referred  to several important environmental issues raised in media recently and our presentation and discussions centred largely around these:

  •  Article by Stephen Moss in the Irish Daily Mail Monday June 11 2018. “Oilseed rape. It looks pretty-until you learn it’s dripping with chemicals that kill bees, pollute waterways and can make humans ill”
  •  Article in the Sun Sunday August 12 by Lorraine Kennedy making the case that Cannabis oil or CBD should be legal in Ireland for medical reasons.  A new documentary has been made ‘Patients of Cannabis’. Some dramatic changes are referred to in the article and documentary resulting from the use of cannabis oil (CBD). Ref: CBD network Ireland
  • Bloomberg report quoted in the Sunday Independent, 26/8/18 which shows how the big drink firms are considering and working on possible investments and/or alliances to make cannabis-infused beverages.  Sunday Independent 26/8/18
  • “Could Ireland’s most popular garden spray Roundup be killing more than your weeds?”

Refer to article in the Irish Daily Mail Tuesday August 14 2018 by John Naish Irish Daily Mail August 14 2018. Roundup-update on reaction to $289M cancer bill for Monsanto-court award which they say they will appeal. We found that Roundup is still on the shelves in Irish hardware stores.

  • Cycling is on the rise but funds fall-refer to article in the Irish Daily Mail Tuesday August 14 2018
  • Report by John Ingham and Jonathan Buckmaster  in the Daily Express July 6 2018- – ‘Special Investigation’- “Brutal…how plastic is killing off Arctic wildlife”