Enviro – 24th July 2017

On this edition of Enviro…

Seamus McGowan of Leitrim Club Sportive gave details of the Leitrim Glens Cycling event.He explained why this would be of interest to a wide range of cyclists as there were options with regard to the length of the cycles and the degree of difficulty.

Phone: 0872553485, Website: yeats200.com.

It was pointed out that the mainstream media often fails to report on events taking place in areas like Leitrim which are off the ‘beaten track’.

Forests of the Paraguayan Chaco are being cleared and converted into charcoal for Europe and USA threatening endangered species and one of the last intact indigenous peoples-Aldi and Lidl involved.

A London Plane tree in King’s Inns, the law school on Constitution Hill, Dublin has gradually enveloped a cast iron seat over time. Dublin City Councillors have called for measures to be taken for the protection of both.

World beyond war conference “War and the Environment” will take place on September 22-24 in Washington DC.

Website: worldbeyondwar.org

River Tolka fish kills inland fisheries Ireland. For an up to date report 8843600 18903474 or Tolka Anglers

The ‘merger from hell’ Monsanto and Bayer help to stop it by signing petition to the EU.

Badger TB vaccination trials taking place in six counties in Republic of Ireland.

China dissident pro democracy advocate and Nobel Peace Prize winner Liu Xiaobo dies. News reports of his death blocked on Sina Weibo, china’s equivalent of Twitter. He was one of the Chinese Communist party’s harshest critics. He spent his last 8 years in jail. Liu negotiated a brief truce with soldiers sent to reclaim Tiananmen Square from student protesters, allowing hundreds if not thousands of people to leave safely. He was buried at sea.

South America report by Robert Navan, including Venezuela which has the largest oil reserves in the world. US interference/sanctions threatened. Robert gave a detailed report and analysis of the situation there. Venezuela is very much in the news right now but there is a lack of clarity and much bias in the reporting. There followed a discussion on the issues involved.


Presenter: John Haughton

Panellists: Joe Dunne and Robert Navan