Enviro – 20th February 2017

Hans Wieland from the Organic Center in Rossinver, Co Leitrim talks about courses in Co. Leitrim in 2017.

Our theme for 2017 is “Growing Forward” and we hope our courses will help you growing your own food and adopting a more sustainable lifestyle. Most of our weekend courses take place at the Organic Centre and its beautiful gardens near Rossinver, County Leitrim. At the end of the day we ask to fill out our feedback sheets.

Feidhlim Harty, environmental consultant from Ennis, Co. Clare talks about how to upgrade our septic tank systems in a way that can fertilize willows, mop up pollution in septic tanks effluents; sequester atmospheric carbon into willow trees; how to produce firewood for heating homes and have beautiful and ecologically valuable habitats for wildlife in our gardens.

PresentersBritt Du Fournet, Joe Dunne and Lakshmy Gunawardhana.