Enviro – 7th January 2019


Part One: In this program we celebrated whales and are hugely disappointed at the threatened action of Japan as reported in the media (if it is true) to start commercial whaling and pull out of the international 89 member Whaling Commission (IWC) There are contradictory reports about this. We played sounds of the whales and explained their importance ecologically including their role in controlling and managing plankton in the oceans from which most of our oxygen supplies are derived. 

See https://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/ for further information.


Part Two: In part two we did an in depth interview with Bernie Wright re animal rights and related projects she is involved in including ‘hunt saboteur’. She actively opposes stag fox and hare hunts and promotes a vegan way of life as the ideal. Bernie ran a street dog rescue in Kathmandu for about 7 years.

  •  In Serbia JALENA VASIC  spoke to us recently about her project whereby she  is involved in animal dogs and cats rescue and finds it difficult to make ends meet to provide the food for the rescued animals. Jalena runs a small animal shelter in Serbia and is appealing for financial support. Serbia has banned fur farming- Ireland must do the same.


Presenter John Haughton, Panellist Joe Dunne