Enviro – 19th September 2016

This week’s program discussed the following topics:

The second era of genetic engineering is now underway in the US, with new gene ‘editing’ technology. The program referred to a comprehensive report in the Farming Independent on Tuesday 13 September 2016.

It has been described as a Merger from Hell by Bayer and Monsanto deemed to be a disaster for the environment and people’s health.

As the ice melts and there is increased access to the Arctic, countries with an interest in exploiting its rich resources are queuing up and competing, including Russia, Canada, the US, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland and Denmark.  Though not directly involved China also has its eyes on the Arctic’s fish and minerals.


The British Hinckley Nuclear power plant has been given the go ahead by the British Government the program discussed some of its implications.

Just now there are massive protests against the Dakota Access Pipeline and Kaepernick’s Project by many Native American tribes who are affected by it. The pipeline plans to carry fracked oil from North Dakota under the Missouri River immediately upstream from the Standing Rock Sioux Nation.


In a discussion about the Lisbon Treaty, reference was made to the military aspirations of superpowers which have re- surfaced recently and the status of  Ireland’s so-called ‘exemption’ from military involvement. The European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker is actively promoting the creation of a quasi-European army with shared assets and a single military HQ. He has stated that the EU should “move towards common military resources that, in certain cases could be called upon by the Union in full compatibility with NATO”.  He envisages joint EU missions and a European defence fund.

Leitrim Farmers are not happy with the way new forestry is developing in terms of their ability to compete for lands and economic aspects.


Pagan pride festivals report on this new development. Paganism is the fastest growing religion in the US and now many Pagans are declaring publicly their religious beliefs. Festivals are being held in many parts of the US.


MUSIC: The program included the second and final part of a tribute to Bob Dylan with his “Song to Woody” (Guthrie), extracts from  MOJO’s ‘The Roots of Bob Dylan; Roger McGuinn and Band’s version of  ‘Knockin’ on Heaven’s, Bruce Springsteen’s rendition of ‘Chimes of Freedom (live) and Pearl Jam’s ‘Masters of War’ (live).


Presenter: John Haughton

Panellist: Joe Dunne