Enviro-18th September 2017

On this weeks show we talk about:

  •  The importance of ‘International Peace Day’ on Thursday 21 September 2017 and everyone should do something to promote peace.
  • The Zika Virus which has been identified in 75 countries and has reached epidemic proportions.
  • We mentioned the Forest destruction: Patrick Barkham in an article in the Guardian on 12 September 2017(p. 35) and in his book ‘Islander: A Journey around Our Archipelago’ points out that trees have a very significant economic value and decries what appears to be the wanton destruction of trees by some local authorities in England.
  • We gave details of Forest Friends Ireland’s tree hugging event at the Arts and Business Campus on Culture night 22nd. September 2017 between 6 and 10 pm, in remembrance of the very first tree huggers, The Chipkos.
  • Falling costs of wind and solar energy is helping to accelerate their utilization and makes them much more economic that the nuclear proposals for example the proposed Hinkley Point nuclear plant.
  • Conservationists are fighting to protect the hugely important Stonehenge heritage site in England by relocating a new road proposal further from the site.
  • Cyclist deaths in Ireland are increasing with six cyclists killed in one week recently.
  • Badger culls: Conservationists are advocating vaccination of badgers as an alternative to culling: Culling costs £6,800 per animal compared to £82 per vaccination.
  • The death has taken place of Stephen Tindale a hugely important leader of Greenpeace 2001-2006-aged 54.
  • We had a short report on the Book launch of -‘If only I had left the Beach’ by Jennifer Brady.
  • John spoke of how important Neil Young is as an advocate of environmental conservation, human rights and as a protester in relation to the destruction of the environment by big corporations.
  • John played a number of Neil Young songs: ‘Mother Earth (Natural Anthem)’ from the CD ‘Ragged Glory’ (Neil Young and Crazy Horse) : ‘My Heart’ from the CD ‘Sleeps with Angels’(Neil Young and Crazy Horse) : ‘Pocahontas’ and ‘Harvest Moon’ from the CD ‘Neil Young Unplugged’. However John pointed out that his most important CD is his recent ‘The Monsanto Years’ in which he deals with all the important environmental issues of today including the damage done by the big corporation Monsanto. He took part in a mobile campaign about these issues. John suggested that it would be of great benefit to listeners of Enviro to study this CD which is also full of valuable environmental information.
  • Joe Dunne explained the reference and story of the Native American Pocahontas. The song refers to and describes some of the mass killings of the Native American tribes by the European colonialists.

Producer/presenter: John Haughton

Panelists Joe Dunne and Jennifer Brady

Student guests: Francesca and Gabriella