Enviro: 17th June 2019

On this edition of Enviro:

Britt and Joe are joined by Marie Power The Sea Gardener (& Cook) to talk about her book The Sea Garden and Events including forages etc. on Sunday June  16th, there  signature event : Ireland’s Ancient Feast  – a land and seaweed forage, followed by cook-up of ancient and druidic food.

Later in the show Ricky Whelan, Project Officer with BirdWatch Ireland talks to the team about “The Saving Swifts guide” and Swift surveys that are planned in Sligo, Wicklow and Meath this year, following on from surveys in Offaly, Laois, Tipperary and Westmeath over the past few years, so we are getting a much better handle on the scientific side of where Swifts are, and what they need.

Persenter: Britt dufour and Joe Dunne

Broadcast: 17/06/2019