Enviro – 16th January 2017

The program dealt with a range of topics including that this Enviro program coincided with Dr. Martin Luther King Junior Day. His importance was mentioned in human rights terms and it appeared that the new Trump administration in the USA is designed to set achievements back in that regard.

John Haughton suggested that Donald Trump and his chosen team would be detrimental from an environmental and human rights perspective, with an emphasis on coal, gas and oil extraction rather than renewable energy. Joe Dunne pointed out that people could demand a different approach than what is anticipated just now.

There was a brief mention of two Brigit/ Imbolg Festivals, the Brigit of Faughart and Afri’s Kildare Féile Bríde ‘Darkness to Light’ festival. It is hoped to deal more fully with these on the Enviro program on the 30th January. Joe Dunne explained the significance of an unusual alignment of planets occurring at this point and stated that a new eight year cycle was beginning. Whereas the last eight years were very negative it was hoped that there would be more positivity now.


Orla Farrell, teacher and Green Schools co-ordinator in St. Lawrence Primary School Baldoyle talked about the environmental projects in which the school is involved and the partnerships which they have created. They are holding a special tree planting project which will take place in Seagrange Park Baldoyle, with Fingal County Council on Saturday 21st January 2017. 300 trees will be planted, lead by a team flying in from the UK on Friday who will meet with the County Chief Executive, the Mayor and the acting Mayor of Fingal.

Orla was accompanied by two junior students, Ava and Brooke, their parents and one exceptionally well-behaved little sister. The students explained that their project was part of a worldwide initiative, the ‘Plant-for-the-Planet’ project, where children aim to plant a million trees in every country by the year 2020, with over 100 countries currently involved. It was agreed that this was a wonderful initiative on the part of the students and teachers.

Orla mentioned also that the students were growing trees in their Baldoyle community garden tree nursery. All agreed that this was an amazing and brilliant project. The students and Orla sang a song about tree-planting folk hero “Johnny Appleseed” and their world wide motto, endorsed by Harrison Ford, Prince Albert of Monaco and the King of Spain; “Stop Talking Start Planting”.

Presenter: John Haughton

Panellist: Joe Dunne

Guests: Orla Farrell and Ava & Brooke, 3rd class pupils and members of the school Green Committee and SEAI Project Team “Plant a Million Trees”