Enviro – 15th January 2018

On this edition of Enviro:

Britt Du Fournet  and Joe Dunne Speak to Fintan Kelly
Of BirdWatch Ireland. He called on Minister Creed to End Overfishing in 2018 …ministers should listen to scientists more…
Come January I will have been to the December Council of Fisheries Ministers where the fishing quotas for 2018 will have been decided. He talk about overfishing, Ireland’s poor record of overfishing and the economic and environmental opportunities of restoring fish stocks.. Sea birds need fish to eat so if fish disappear, they disappear too, saving the fish, in order to save the birds.

Britt and Joe also speak to Jack O’Sullivan on a follow up discussion on over-fishing. Jack was a Fishery Officer with the Lancashire and North Wales Sea Fisheries Committee from 1967 to 1972; looking after inshore fisheries (mussels, cockles, flatfish and other species) and pollution on the coast of north-west England and North Wales (720 km) for approximately six years !
The Fisheries Committee was renamed the North Western Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Authority (NWIFCA) in 2011 and now carries on the same work, but pollution control has been moved to another agency.
Danger of bottom trailer trawlers… danger to the health of the sea floor, diminishing fish stocks.

Presenters: Britt Du Fournet  and Joe Dunne

Guests: Fintan Kelly and Jack O’Sullivan