Enviro: 15th April 2019

On this edition of Enviro:

Neutrality Alliance and Veterans for Peace who are visiting Ireland at present and are speaking at various anti-war public events spoke to us about their incursion onto the airport off-bounds lands at Shannon airport as a protest  due to Ireland’s facilitating the movement of troops and arms from the US to the war zones of the Middle East, making Ireland complicit in their view and the view of the Peace and Neutrality alliance We also referred to a meeting due to take place in Pearse Street the following evening Tuesday as a protest about Ireland’s participating in the EU PESCO  project which in effect makes Ireland part of an EU army contrary to our neutrality status. This was done without the Irish people being consulted.

Later in the show members of the Bayside Writers group paid tribute to John O’Malley. Local North side Dublin poet and co-founder of the Bayside Writers group, John passed away recently.  A tribute with readings of his poetry was made by members of the group. John was a key figure in organising the publication of five  anthologies of the Bayside Writers  with the title ‘Migrating Minds’, a project with the involvement of very many local writers mainly in Dublin North area. Before he died John finalised the sixth in the series which will be published in June 2019.

John Haughton Producer/Presenter

 Joe Dunne Robert Navan panellists

Visitors Students Gerti Gjuzi, Laura Ribot and two new-comers Gregor and Diana who had just arrived in Ireland to take up an internship with Forest Friends Ireland

Broadcast: 15/04/2019