Enviro: 14th October 2019

On this edition of Enviro:

  • They celebrated the fact that Ethiopian Prime Minister Ably Ahmed has won the Nobel Peace prize for resolving the conflict with neighbouring Eritrea. Their organisation Forest Friends Ireland has established one of the branches, of Forest Friends International, in Ethiopia.
  • They spoke about the harvest moon also called a blood moon which was a full moon as they spoke. 
  • Ulick O’Connor was 90 when he died a week ago.  Ulick –was a writer historian critic, and barrister and biographer  of Brendan Behan and he wrote and spoke about his importance in Irish literature and heritage.
    • They played an interview which Ulick O’Connor did on a cd series called ‘Words Alone’ about Brendan Behan’s contribution to Irish literature and Irishness. 
  • The ‘Boss’: In this program, celebrated rock icon Bruce Springsteen. They referred to the influence of Pete Seeger and a CD called the Seeger Sessions’  We referred to a two page Daily Telegraph article also carried in the Irish Independent  Thursday October 10th 2019, which dealt with various aspects of his life. 
  • We read  an extract from Behan’s poem ‘The Jackeen’s Lament for the Blaskets.