Enviro: 13th May 2019

On this edition of Enviro:

The program outlined briefly some of the main issues associated with the hemp industry in Ireland and
blockages preventing the logical development of the industry if left unimpeded. . Hemp is a unique fibre,
fuel, food, with important medicinal attributes, an important source of food and one of the world’s most
useful plants.

Having set out the context within which the participants believed the industry should be looked at and
examined, the program went on to talk about The hemp industry in Ireland – The program explained
the situation with regard hemp industry research projects in Ireland including Research being
carried out by Liam Donohoe on the potential role of hemp in industrial and c constructional spheres, insulation and hemp concrete. His Research Aims and Objectives include the following:

Development of Lime Hempcrete as a Standardised Building Material
What steps are needed to develop a common building product?
What steps are needed to develop hempcrete as a building product?
What characteristics do hempcrete have/how to measure them?
How can the measurement techniques be standardised?

Kate & Marcus McCabe spoke about their involvement in the history of the industry
and developments such as the growth in market demand, the economic potentials of the
industry, the barriers to farmers and processors, environmental
and rural development potentials.

Chris Allen spoke about the Founding of the HFI(Hemp Foundation of Ireland), the position of the Irish industry in the context of EU and global markets. the domestic and international policy environment.

Evelyn Cambell spoke about the hemp company of Dublin, its history and Jim
MacDonald’s support in the development of the industry. She demonstrated a current range
of hemp products and talked about expanding markets, domestic growth and new products such as food, clothing, health, beauty, cosmetics, CBD. she also spoke about barriers facing retailers, The Public demand for CBD and rising interest among younger people in environmentally friendly hemp clothing.

Producer Presenter John Haughton, Panellist: Joe Dunne
Participants as above and students Gerti and Laura Forest Friends interns