Enviro – 10th September 2018

On This Episode of Enviro we had two themes.

One was about birds and the wonder of their migration particularly swallows. John read an extract from his poem ‘Oh Swallow’ which is published in his published poetry work ‘Weaving Wonder Webs’ He also read a short poem by Lord Moyne (Byran Guinness) 1905-1992 about the Lark with the title ‘What are they thinking’ . On the bird theme we played ‘Paloma Blanca’ from a CD ‘The 70s Karaoke Party’ which translated means ‘White Dove’ We also played the song ‘When the Swallows come back to Capistrano’ from the CD ‘Whispering Grass’ by the ‘Ink Spots’ one of a few black groups who broke into the big time in the 1930s and 1940s. One of the others being ‘The Drifters’. We had a short discussion about each person’s favourite bird.

The other theme was great Irish writers and in studio we had Italian students on an internship with Forest Friends and they spoke of their favourite Irish writer. The students are ‘Millennial’ and we discussed what they are bringing to the table as a distinct cohort of people. It was pointed out that recent research shows that young people today feel less optimistic about the future and the students agreed and gave reasons. The students are from the southern tip of Italy, the’ instep’

It was pointed out that a two week celebration of Sean O’Casey begins on Tuesday 11th. September. Also on Culture night there is a celebration of Brendan Behan and his love of the Irish language and his fine writings. John pointed out the strong connection between the Irish language the natural environment and trees as evidenced in the Ogham alphabet and Irish place names.  

John Haughton producer presenter

Joe Dunne panellist

Italian students from Massafra, Italy: Sara, Dominica, Francesco, Andrea, Mattia, Antonio.