Enviro – 10th July 2017

On the first half of the show, Pegah Mollahajian talked briefly about her career and how she has taken time out to be an intern with Forest Friends Ireland. She introduced Forest Friends Italian Intern Colette who talked about her internship her first impressions of Ireland.


  • Heathcote Williams, poet, playwright, actor ecologist and activist has died at the age of 75 years. His best known poems are ‘Whale Nation, ‘Sacred Elephant’ and ‘Autogeddon’. In this program we played some of ‘Whale Nation’.
  • The Climate Change and Irish Language Cabinet subcommittees have been axed by our Taoiseach.
  • It has been reported that the Environmental Protection Agency has initiated legal proceedings against the Waste to Energy project- a partnership between Covanta and Dublin city Council. It has also been reported that swarms of flies are being attracted to the incinerator and are causing problems for local residents.
  • Pamplona San Fermin hosts annually what is called a festival, with bull running and bull fighting. But this so called ‘festival’ is in many of its aspects nothing of the kind. It includes the sadistic torture of bulls, excesses of all kinds not least marked increases in sexual assaults against women. The population rises from 200,000 to one million on the occasion.


On the second part of the show, Eli McBett explained her arts project ‘According to this Resistance’. She explained the origin and meaning of her glass bottle wall and how this project is developing. She also explained a new project: recycled artists united in NAAS @ DROSS EVOLUTION GALLERY opening Sunday 6th of August. Her sculptures, etchings, drawings, prints and designed objects will have permanent exposure in this gallery.

Jennifer Brady outlined her research on the development of the hydrogen car and how important environmentally this invention is.

Kevin O’Sullivan Environmental Editor of the Irish Times wrote a very comprehensive article in the Irish times on Saturday 8th July 2017 entitled ‘Guilty as Charged? Ireland’s EV struggle’ The Sun newspaper in its edition of Saturday 8 th . July 2017 reports that ‘Swedish giant says from 2019, its cars will be all-electric.


Presenter: John Haughton

Interviewees: Pegah Mollahajian, Eli McBett & Jennifer Brady

Student guests: Colette from Italy

Panellist Joe Dunne sent his apology and was excused as he has to attend a very important meeting on Monday 10th.