Encore November 25 2011

John Haughton speaks to John Sweeney from the National University of Ireland, we join the programme as they discuses environmental aspects of climate change and how it’s effecting the planet for “Enviro”. Our next clip comes from “Between the Lines”, Dermot  Brannigan is joined in studio by local history graduate, Cathal Brennan, councillor Dick O’Leary, peace commissioner and journalist Ultan Monaghan, we join the programme as they discuses the closure of the Vatican Embassy and the closure of several Army Barracks. Our last clip comes from “Northside Today”, Noel McGunniess speaks to journalist Patrick Finnigan from the North County Leader, news paper. We join the programme as they discuses the latest news in North County Dublin and surrounding areas including the story of the controversial Super Dump which has been causing a lot of problems in the area.