Declan & Dave Discuss Some of the Current Business Headlines from Local & National Papers

 On this edition of Near By Business, Declan and Dave discuss some of the current business headlines from the local and national papers………

Then a double feature on the Business of self publishing…Bairbre Higgins author of newly published thriller The Torchbearer chats with Dave and after that a recording from the Dublin Tech Summit earlier in the year when Near FM’s Declan Meenagh spoke with Kinga from

David bell from the HR Department then for his regular look at HR issues. This week David is talking to Declan about Maternity Paternity and Parental Leave from an employers point of view

Finally, Brian Greene with  more detail on PIRATE.IE …. we briefly talked about it last week but felt more time was needed to to do this venture justice 

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Presenters: Declan Ralph & Dave Daly

Broadcast: September 20th 2018