Dan McCormack , Director of “The Chalk Garden”

Noel McGuinness is joined in studio by Dan McCormack. Dan is the Director of a new production entitled  “The Chalk Garden”  by Enid Bagnold. The Chalk Garden is a mystery of hidden pasts, lost loves and false identities.Mrs. St. Maugham, an ageing eccentric hires a governess (Ms. Madrigal) with a mysterious past to look after her disturbed teenage granddaughter (Laurel) who has driven away every other applicant by exposing them for their weakness. Ms. Madrigal takes on the task of raising Laurel into womanhood and growing life into the chalk soil garden at the risk of revealing her secret and sealing her fate. As Mrs. St. Maugham’s daughter arrives to claim back her once abandoned daughter, Ms. Madrigal soon discovers that there are more secrets to be found in the Chalk Garden.

The play is presented by the No Drama Theatre Group and will run from Wednesday November 26th to Saturday November 29th in the Sean O’Casey Theatre, Spencer Dock. You can get more information about No Drama and the play “The Chalk Garden” here.