Culture Shots #62 – Golden Dawn Greece Protest

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In this show, Peter Kearney takes a look at the rise and brutality of fascism in Greece with an emphasis on the Golden Dawn movement. The programme features interviews with Phillip Chaniotakis, who runs the ‘Golden Dawn International Newsroom’ and calls himself a ‘friend of the Golden Dawn movement’, Mr Spyros Diamantis from the Greek Embassy in London Press office and the many participants in the Anti-fascist rally in Dublin, outside the Greek Embassy, on 19 January 2013.

The many speakers and contributors at the Anti-Fascist rally in Dublin on 19 January include;

Memet Uludag – Anti-War Ireland and Turkish Association Speaker
Luke Bukha – Anti Racist Network Speaker
Nigel Hanlon – Speaker
Chris Boyd – Socialist Workers Party & Anti Racist Network Vox-Pop
Alexandro Zagato – Anti Racist Network Vox-Pop
Sorcha Hackett – Anti Racist Network Vox-Pop
Helena Sheehan – DCU professor Vox-Pop
Costas Avramidis – Anti Racist Network Anti Racist Network and Anti-Fascist Ireland. Vox-Pop