Community Radio News Desk;Teenagers’ Screen Time with Stephen Cluxton and Marion Rowe

  • Teenagers’ Screen Time with Stephen Cluxton and Marion Rowe. File: 20190204_Screen Time_Cluxton and Rowe.mp3 (9m 22s)

As survey after survey has shown young people are increasing their contact with and in some cases dependence on all types of electronic devices. Liam Nolan spoke to secondary school teachers Stephen Cluxton and Marion Rowe about the effects of excessive screen time on their students, Liam began by asking them which subjects they taught in their school.

  • Holocaust with Tomi Reichental. File: 20190204_Holocaust_Tomi Reichental.mp3 (9m 33s)

As we recently remembered all those who died in the Holocaust, during World War II, Phoenix FM’s Tony Maycock sat down with Tomi Reichental, one of the few remaining Holocaust survivors living in Ireland. Tony asked Mr. Reichental about his thoughts on the Holocaust Remembrance Day.

  • Youth Advocacy Programme with Joan King, Derek Meats and Christine Reed from YAP. File: 20190204_Youth Advocacy Programme_ King Meats Reed.mp3 (9m 33s)

Y.A.P is a Youth Advocacy Programme which is a leading provider of intensive support programmes for young people and families. YAP Ireland uses a strengths based, family focused approach for young people with complex needs leading to positive outcomes for the young people, their families and referral agents. John Healy was joined in the studio by Joan King, Derek Meats and Christine Reed from Y.A.P., John first asked them to explain to work of Y.A.P