Community Radio News Desk:Stardust Fire

  • Stardust Fire with Antoinette Keegan and Eugene Kelly. File: 20190205_Stardust Fire_ Antoinette Keegan and Eugene Kelly.mp3 (7m 04s)  Use by 14 February

On 14 February 1981, 48 people died and 214 were injured as result of a fire in the Stardust nightclub in Artane, Dublin. As we approach the 38th Anniversary of the Stardust disaster, the relatives of the dead and injured are still looking for answers and justice, as no one was ever held responsible for the fire.

Debbie McMahon was joined in the studio by Antoinette Keegan & Eugene Kelly who lost family members in the Stardust fire, to talk about their ongoing battle with the State in trying to get justice for the Stardust victims and to remind people of a vigil, which will be taking place on the Stardust site this Valentine’s day, 14th of February. Debbie began by asking Antoinette if they had got the answers they have been seeking.

  • Community Foundation of Ireland with Hazel Hill. File: 20190205_CFI_Hazel Hill.mp3 (9m 28s)

The Community Foundation of Ireland (CFI) is a Philanthropic organization designed to help those less fortunate in society, Hazel Hill joined Donie Tarrant to discuss the objectives of the foundation and the projects they have shortlisted for 2019.

  • VAT on Health Supplements with Stephanie Mahon. File: 20190205_VAT Health Supplements_Stephanie Mahon.mp3 (9m 42s)

Pat Coyne from Connamara FM spoke to Stephanie Mahon from Evergreen Healthfoods about the VAT increase on health supplements and vitamins.