Community Radio News Desk – Women in Sport, Irish at home and Hungary

Women in Sport with Sarah Webb

  • Author Sarah Webb joined Patrick Donoghue on “Beyond The Back Page” in Near FM to talk about some incredible sports women included in her new book “Blazing a Trail”. Patrick began by asking her what inspired her to write this book.

Irish at home with Áine Ní Lafáin and Eimear Ní Mhurchadh

  • Many of us think that Irish is only spoken as a first language in homes in the Gealtacht areas, but this isn’t necessarily the case. All over the country people choose to speak Irish at home as their first language. To learn more about this Ciarán Murray spoke Áine Ní Lafáin from Limerick and Eimear Ní Mhurchadh from Monaghan and he first asked them why they chose to bring their children up in Irish…

Hungary with Gabor Céczi

  • Thousands of Hungarians have protested in Budapest and other cities against their government’s introduction of a “slave law” on overtime and its alleged attack on democracy and the rule of law. The demonstrations began last December, when the government passed a law that allows Hungarian firms to demand 400 hours of annual overtime from workers and gives them three years to make payment for it. That prompted union leaders to join forces with politicians and activists who want Prime Minister Viktor Orban to guarantee the independence of Hungary’s beleaguered law courts and public media.

    Those complaints chime with international criticism of Hungary’s government, which is being sued by the European Union for its hardline policies on immigration and NGOs, and over education reform that has forced the liberal Central European University to move most of its courses from Budapest to Vienna. Sally Galiana talks to Gabor Géczi (pronounced Getzi), who collaborates with Civil Radio in Budapest, to discuss the current situation in Hungary.

Broadcast: 07/02/2019