Community Radio News Desk – The Accelerator Programme, Green cards for drivers and Organic Farming

Accelerator Programme with John Ahvoy

  • The €1.6 million Social Enterprise Development Fund will support up to 16 Social Enterprises with grants and a place on their Accelerator Programme. In 2019, the objective of the fund is to support social enterprises that add to the social and economic fabric of their community. Declan Ralph began by asking fund manager John Ahvoy where the funding comes from…..

Green cards for drivers with Barry Aldworth (AA)

  • As the political stalemate over Brexit continues, insurance companies are now taking steps to prepare themselves for a hard brexit, which includes the issuing of green cards to motorists in the event of a hard border. Barry Aldworth from AA Ireland spoke to Donie Tarrant about these green cards, Donie first asked Barry how these green cards would work.

Organic Farming with Christy Stapleton

  • With the demand for organically produced food is on the increase, Lakshmy Gunner Ward Hanson is joined by Christy Stapleton, who is an organic gardener in Wicklow. Christy begins by explaining how moving to Wicklow was crucial to his organic plan.

Broadcast: 28/01/2019