Community Radio News Desk – Centre for Environmental Humanities, Fracking and Irish Girl Guides

Centre for Environmental Humanities with Dr. Ruth Brennan

  • Dr. Ruth Brennan from The Centre for Environmental Humanities, in Trinity College, Dublin came into the studio and spoke to Sabrina Ryan, Sabrina began by asking Dr.Brennan, what exactly The Centre for Environmental Humanities does.

Fracking with William Hedderman

  • As the process of fracking in Ireland was deemed illegal in the recent past, environmentalists have now turned their attention to the importation of gas which has been extracted by fracking. This has led to a Judicial review in the High Court in relation to the importation of USA fracked gas into Shannon. William Hedderman from “Futureproof Clare” spoke to Donie Tarrant and began by explaining the background to the issues which led to the current Judicial Review.

Irish Girl Guides with Beth Moody

  • As the National Conference of the Irish Girl Guides is due to be held in Galway between the 8th and the 10th of February, the Assistant chair of the Irish Girl Guides, Beth Moody, joined Dorothee Meyer-Holtkamp to talk about the association, Dorothee firstly asked her about the aims of the Irish Girl Guides.

Broadcast: 01/02/2019