BARQ join Norma Burke on the Near FM arts show for chats, music and a live performance

BARQ are a high energy four-piece, who shoved groove into the belly of the rock-beast and created agrosoul. They are celebrating a double single release in March with a performance in Whelan’s on the 24th of March 2018.

They joined Norma Burke on the Near FM arts show to play their two new singles and talked adulting, cheap guitar lessons and their hip hop influences.

The first song on the podcast is SASSY MOUTH, which is inspired by the courage and resilience of the Repeal The Eighth movement and the perils of online debate. It’s a call to arms for the emerging voices that are searching for change.

The live performance at the end is EARTHQUAKES; a soulful reflection on the breakdown of relationships, outlining how a platonic break-up can be just as painful as romantic disillusionment.

For all things BARQ check out their website And for tickets to their launch party on Saturday check out and all usual outlets.