Ballad Tours Dublin singer Sean Fitzgerald talks about his job as a musical tour guide around the historical landmarks of Dublin. Sean Fitzgerald also has recently set the poetry of Seumas O’ Kelly to music and Sean recorded the songs recently as The Connacht Peep Show.

Ballad Tours Dublin singer and racontuer Sean Fitzgerald conducts walking tours around historical Dublin sites and landmarks. At every stop he sings a song for his audience in order to tell the stories of the  history of Ireland. At the conclusion of the walking tour, Sean distributes a booklet of rare songs to every person on his tour.

Recently Sean Fitzgerald recorded his album of ten songs, titled The Connacht Peep Show, by the Ruskavellas, also known as his regular band, The Deadlians.  On this record, Sean has set the poetry of Seumas O’ Kelly to music. Loughrea-born Seumas O’ Kelly(1881-1918), was a prolific writer in his short life, an author of Novels, Plays, Short Stories and Ranns and Ballads.

Sean is interviewed by John Connell of NearFM for The Arts Show. The podcast features four songs from The Deadlians’ 10 song album, The Connacht Peep Show. The songs are played in this order, The Thatcher, The Shearers, White Horses, The Ballad Of The Twelve Marys.