Atlantic, Pacific and Beyond Presented By Karen Meenan 20 -12 – 2021

Economic and Cultural Equity are the themes tonight in ‘Atlantic, Pacific and Beyond’.  Professor Dominic Trepél, Health Economist in Trinity College Dublin and the Global Brain Health Institute chats with Karen Meenan about the link between Health and Economics during this pandemic.  Pam Schweitzer OBE founder of the European Reminiscence Network and Age Exchange Theatre Trust explains the cultural importance of Reminiscence Theatre especially now when older people are more isolated during this global crisis.  Nigerian artist and Mental Health Professional Kunle Adewale shares news about the Arts in Medicine Fellowship which includes over 600 participants from twenty countries worldwide.  Melissa Chan from Singapore is spending a year in Trinity College Dublin as an Atlantic Fellow for Global Equity in the Global Brain Health Institute.  Her work in dementia is inspired by her dad who got Young Onset Dementia when she was just 14.  Brilliant soundtracks from around the globe and great poetry readings too.