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Shaakya Anand-Vembar is a PhD researcher in the Department of Psychiatry at Trinity College Dublin, originally from India. She has lived around the world (Mumbai, Jakarta, St. Louis, New York, Utrecht, The Hague, and Dublin). Having experienced the double standards faced by individuals from the Global South in Western educational institutions, she is passionate about eliminating systemic discrimination against students, researchers, and workers from the Global South. Shaakya is also a member of the Postgraduate Workers’ Alliance of Ireland, fighting for workers’ rights for PhD researchers in Ireland. She enjoys reading fiction, lifting weights, spending time in the nature, and sea swimming. You can find her on Instagram at: @theteasearchers, and on Twitter at @ShaakyaV

今集嘅嘉賓係來自印度嘅 Shaakya Anand-Vembar,佢現在係都柏林聖三一學院精神科嘅博士研究生。 佢曾經住過孟買,雅加達,聖路易斯,紐約,烏德勒支, 海牙,到宜定嘅都柏林。 由於經歷過係西方教育機構中對來自南方世界嘅人係制度上嘅雙重標準,佢致力於消除對來南方世界學生、研究人員和職員嘅系統性歧視。 Shaakya 現為愛爾蘭研究生工人聯盟的成員,為愛爾蘭嘅博士研究人員爭取工人權益。 佢鍾意睇小說、舉重、親近大自然同海中游泳。 你可以追蹤佢 IG @theteasearchers, 同Twitter @ShaakyaV

Serena Foo is an Irish-born Malay Chinese and a final year PhD researcher in Trinity College Dublin looking at arthritis in children with Down syndrome – a crippling disease that’s often undiagnosed and affects 1 in 50 of these children. Specifically, she is looking at how the cells in the joints drive arthritis as well as the metabolism of these cells. Since the start of the pandemic, racism against East Asians escalated to horrific heights and she is determined to break this prejudice. Serena is also a member of Asian Alliance Ireland.  When she finishes her PhD, she will resume cooking, writing, putting her scratch map to use and trekking in rainforests. Twitter: SerenaFuji

Serena Foo 係愛爾蘭出生嘅馬來西亞華人,係都柏林三一學院嘅博士研究員,研究患有唐氏綜合症兒童嘅關節炎,係一種致殘性疾病,通常遲遲未被確診,每 50 名兒童中就有 1 名受到影響。佢特別針對研究關節中嘅細胞點樣驅動關節炎,以及呢啲細胞嘅新陳代謝情況。自從全球疫情開始以來,針對東亞人嘅種族主義升級到可怕嘅程度,佢決心打破呢種偏見。 Serena 亦係愛爾蘭亞洲聯盟嘅成員。 當佢完成博士學位之後,佢將會繼續烹飪、寫作、 用返佢啲草圖去熱帶雨林徒步旅行。你可以追蹤佢 Twitter:@SerenaFuji

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