Asian Talents – Episode 21


今集嘅嘉賓係自今年七月先至到達都柏林嘅William,本身係一名會計師,今次移居來愛爾蘭最主要嘅原因係為咗小朋友,佢認為愛爾蘭嘅教育環境同埋價值觀對於小朋友嘅成長有莫大裨益,所以放下香港嘅工作帶同小朋友嚟到愛爾 佢會同我哋分享吓嚟到呢度之後所面對嘅最大困難同埋呢度嘅生活情況——以一個剛剛嚟到愛爾蘭嘅人嘅身份去睇呢個世界。佢仲成立咗一條YouTube頻道,希望以剛剛嚟到愛爾蘭嘅香港人身份,分享嚟到呢個新地方嘅感受、面對嘅困難、介紹呢度生活嘅環節,希望可以協助剛剛到埗又或者計劃嚟呢度嘅朋友,令到佢哋更快融入呢個地方。 以下就係佢嘅YT頻道,同埋FB/IG嘅網址:

William is an accountant from Hong Kong. Unlikely the majority of migrants, his decision to move to Ireland has actually nothing to do with his own career. His purpose of coming to Ireland is to for his children pursue Irish style education, which he appreciates a lot.

He will also tell us about his YouTube channel where he talks about his life in Ireland as a recent migrant.

About the show

Asian Talents is a talk programme presented by Alice Chau, that represents the Asian community and featuring Asian people that are contributing to Ireland in their own niche. The programme is bilingual in Cantonese and English.

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