Asian Talents – Episode 2


Episode 2 – (First TX 24 March 2022)
第二集嘅嘉賓係 Arif,來自孟加拉嘅癌症科學家/棟篤笑演員
Our guest in this episode is Arif – a Bangladeshi scientist/comedian. He came to Ireland for science, but Ireland has made him a comedian. He hopes to use science to find a cure for cancer and use laughter to cure people’s souls.  We will talk about comedy, Asian childhood, arranged marriage and more. You can find out more about him and his future gigs on:  Instagram: Facebook:

Asian Talents is a talk programme presented by Alice Chau, that represents the Asian community and featuring Asian people that are contributing to Ireland in their own niche.The programme is bilingual in Cantonese and English.

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