Asian Talents – Episode 15


Ep 15 – 22 Sept 2022 – 今集嘅嘉賓是來自英國嘅 Andrew, 佢係英國土生土長第二代香港人。佢擁有廣播工程學士學位,識英語、粵語、德語同一啲波蘭語。
佢係多個不同國家擔任英語教師超過 13 年,他於 2013 年來到都柏林,原本打算之前只停留一年,之後再到其他國家繼續新冒險。但係,係佢抵達後不久,佢好快就結交左好多新朋友,並愛上了左都柏林!
住係愛爾蘭呢幾年,佢睇到在愛爾蘭同英國發生左啲巨大嘅立法和政治變化,但最終對佢影響最深遠影響嘅係英國脫歐。由於唔想放棄歐盟身份,Andrew 決定申請愛爾蘭公民身份。

In this episode, we will speak with Andrew. He was born and grew up in London from a family of Hong Kong Chinese ancestry. He has BEng in Broadcast Engineering and can speak English, Cantonese, German and some Polish.  Having worked as an English teacher in several different countries for over 13 years, he came to Dublin in 2013 and originally only intended to stay for a year before pursuing new adventures further abroad. However, not long after he had arrived, he quickly made new friends and fell in love with the city – which has now become a home from home! While living here, I have seen some huge legislative and political changes both in Ireland and the UK, but ultimately it was Brexit that has had the most profound effect on him. Not wanting to eternally relinquish my EU status, he went on a personal quest to reclaim this by applying for Citizenship here in Ireland.  Although he was a British Born Chinese, he does hold dear his Cantonese heritage and would like to collaborate with those seeking to promote the language and practise speaking it in and around the capital.  Check out his Facebook group: – I LOVE CANTONESE

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Asian Talents is a talk programme presented by Alice Chau, that represents the Asian community and featuring Asian people that are contributing to Ireland in their own niche.The programme is bilingual in Cantonese and English.

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