Asian Talents – Episode 12


Anuj is an Indian professional living in Ireland since last 5 years. Since graduating from NUI Galway in 2018, Anuj has worked for many big companies like Irish Water, Johnson and Johnson and Merck to help them with Project Controls and Operations of multi-million Euro Projects.
Apart from professional work, he is very active in local community and charity work. He is the President of Junior Chamber International, Cork where he leads a highly motivated team to work on projects that bring about a positive impact on the local communities of Cork.

Anuj 係來自印度嘅一位專業人士,亦都係國際青年商會科克市支部嘅會長。 佢同我哋分享吓喺愛爾蘭工作同生活嘅心得,同埋作為新移民參與社區活動嘅重要性。
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YouTube Channel Anuj recommended: India in Details

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Asian Talents is a talk programme presented by Alice Chau, that represents the Asian community and featuring Asian people that are contributing to Ireland in their own niche.The programme is bilingual in Cantonese and English.

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